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Isodametal manufactures plain bearings.

Isodametal has been engaging in manufacture of bearings to be used in marine engines in particular for the last 110 years. Our bearings are broadly accepted by its customers ranging from leading ship builders to government authorities, we are supporting operation of many vessels.
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    Products of Isoda Metal

    Marine engines that rotate at high speed generate high-power. Bearings are essential parts that support the load coming from such rotating shafts and oscillating piston pins.


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    Supporting Vessels’ Navigation in the World

    As the output of engines installed in such large vessels is so powerful to exceed 10,000 horse power, the heat and variable load generated are also enormous. Accordingly, bearings are required to be so robust and reliable that sufficiently bear against such heat and variable load.


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    Bearing Structure and Composition Table

    Isoda Metal’s bearings are made of multilayer structure and the copper alloys and white metal are used on the inner surface. We provide the optimum bearing applications and engines used site.


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Technology Infomation


We are using the integrated system encompassing every process from product designs to manufacture and sales.

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Waste is lost using rich manufacturing data and production of a high-quality product is achieved for an internal continuous production. Flexible correspondence is possible at the time of problem occurrence.

Development and Support

development and support

We have established a support system of after-sales and daily research and development.

Including the development of their original alloys, substantiality of after support by the data analysis grown for a long time, each of the staff aims to improve the awareness and techniques for business, we have achieved by mutually support each other.

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Company name Isoda Metal Co.,Ltd.
Description of business Manufacture and sale of plane bearings
Address 23-8, Yaguchi 1-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan 146-0093 map
Tel +81-3-3759-5351+81-3-3759-5351
Fax +81-3-3758-5681
Founded 1905