Product of Isodametal


02 Supporting Vessels’ Navigation in the World

Bearings manufactured by Isoda Metal are mainly delivered to leading ship builders. As the output of engines installed in such large vessels is so powerful to exceed 10,000 horse power, the heat and variable load generated are also enormous. Accordingly, bearings are required to be so robust and reliable that sufficiently bear against such heat and variable load. Moreover, because engines for large vessels are continuously operated for longer period than one month, their life cycle must be as long as twenty years, or sometimes over fifty years. Thus, bearings used in marine engines also must have enough durability against load, wear, seizure, adhesion, etc. to be able to accept large output. Various parts to be incorporated in marine engines, that are used for a long period and repeatedly operated, need to be replaced as consumable parts at the time of scheduled maintenance. Bearings also need to be replaced periodically as consumable parts. Bearings are regarded as critical parts since they are used for the power portion of marine engines. We believe that it is owing to the trust placed by clients that Isoda Metal has been able to supply bearings as long as 110 years. The hallmark “ISD” punched on Isoda Metal’s bearings is the certificate of such trust.