Privacy policy

Isoda Metal Co., Ltd. ("Isoda") fully recognizes the importance of properly managing and protecting Personal Information and has established the below policy for that purpose.

Acquisition of Personal Information

Isoda notices that purposes and manners of acquisition of Personal Information in advance when you provided your Personal Information for us. In the event that you do not look forward to provision of your Personal Information, you are likely not to be available of Isoda’s website services.

Use of Personal Information

Isoda uses Personal Information only to the extent necessary for achieving the specified purpose of use. Prior to using Personal Information beyond the intended scope, Isoda seeks the permission of the concerned individual(s), except where legally permitted otherwise.

Management of Personal Information

Isoda endeavors to instruct our employees in the proper handling of Personal Information, and takes steps for securing Personal Information against unauthorized computer Accesses, the risk of lost, destruction, falsification, leakage of Personal Information.

Disclosure of Personal Information to the third parties

Isoda does not disclose Personal Information to the third parties without your consent. Provided, however, that the following cases are excluded.

  1. Cases in which it is necessary for Isoda to provide Personal Information for the company, that executed the non-disclosure agreement with Isoda for cooperation, affiliation, and consignment of business activities, in order to execute Utilization Purposes that are defined to you.
  2. Cases in which Isoda disclose Personal Information in a form that cannot identify an individual, such as statistical data.
  3. Cases in which Isoda is required to provide Personal Information under laws and regulations.
  4. Cases in which the provision of Personal Information is necessary for protecting life, body, or property of an individual, and it is difficult for Isoda to obtain your consent.

Observance of laws and norms

In handling Personal Information, Isoda upholds all laws and regulations relating to Personal Information security including first and foremost Japan’s Personal Information Protection Law, all obligations specified in ministerial guidelines and this Privacy Policy.

Inquiry about handling of Personal Information

Should you have any comments, questions and requests regarding our handling of Personal Information, please use Contact Us form.