Development and Support

After-sales Support

Bearings that support the pivotal portion of engines are indispensable parts that largely affect the performance of engines. Therefore, bearings need periodical maintenance, checking and replacing work. If some abnormal situation of a bearing is detected, investigation for the root cause and the countermeasure must be sought. As a part of the after-sales support of Isoda Metal, we make it a rule to research the root cause of the problem, propose a necessary countermeasures and provide a replacement smoothly. The main reason why Isoda Metal can realize such after-sales support is the fact that we are using the integrated system encompassing every process from product designs to manufacture and sales. The Company always maintains massive data regarding their manufactured products and can carry out the after-sales support based on the analysis of data and utilization of various test equipment. In addition, such after-sales support requires not only knowledge about bearings but also accumulated know-how and experience concerning engines and their usage. Root causes of most troubles are sought by assuming the applicable lubricating conditions and operating situations. We at Isoda Metal always trying to supply bearings that our customers can use at ease and to provide them with the meticulous after-sales support based on the accumulated knowledge and the substantial equipment.