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01 Designs

Drawings for bearings that were plotted during the World War II are still kept now. We can clearly read out intentions of the designers on them even now, indicating the “spirit” of the artisans at that time. Besides the main bearings that support crank shafts, a variety of bearings such as con’rod bearings, cam bearings, etc. are used inside of the engine. Bearings need to firmly support a shaft without any distortion or rattling while the engine is running with a high pressure load. Therefore, it is important to design bearings so that they are firmly adhered to the shaft when they are assembled. We at Isoda Metal calculate and plot the best suited drawings based on the size and specifications of the applicable engine in consideration of various conditions such as bearing shape, type and thickness of alloy material, oil supplying holes and groove, oil pocket, crush high value for assembly, oil clearance to decide the oil film thickness that is to be formed between the shaft and bearing and other conditions. Thus, we can supply bearings by the integrated production system encompassing from designing to manufacture.