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Marine engines that rotate at high speed generate high-power. Bearings are essential parts that support the load coming from such rotating shafts and oscillating piston pins. Among various types of bearings, Isoda Metal is particularly manufacturing the parts called “plain bearings.” Within a high-powered engine, heat and variable load due to the high speed rotation are generated, imposing a big load on bearings as well. While plain bearing is working, lubricant filled between the bearing and the shaft generates a high oil film pressure due to the wedge effect. Because such high pressure from the oil film raises the shaft, the shaft does not contact with the bearing, allowing smooth rotation on the oil film. To cope with a situation that the oil film runs out due to variation of load or mixture of foreign particles resulting the shaft contacts with bearings, metal softer than that of the shaft is used for the inner surface of the bearing in order to mitigate the damage. In case of marine engines, copper alloy or white metal is used for the inner surface of bearing while the shaft is made of steel. Among various types of plain bearings, a strong point that Isoda Metal has is the thinner type bearing. A thinner type bearing well adapts to inside of the housing, so that the adhesion property of the bearing to inside of the housing is enhanced when it is incorporated with a pressure. It also bears the variable load that happens inside the engine and further discharges the heat generated around the shaft. Since a thinner plain bearing tends to be deformed during the casting or fabrication process, the advanced technology as well as the sufficient experience are required for manufacture. Thanks to the achievement and excellent reliability that have been cherished for a long period, many of Isoda Metal’s plain bearings have been well adopted in the domestic and overseas markets. Currently, such reliable Japan-made bearings are being meticulously finished one by one at the domestic factory.